Are you struggling with the following issue for the ACP panels?

  • It's difficult to strike a balance between the desired quality and performance of the ACP and budget?
  • How to find an ACP that matches the desired aesthetic vision and design concept?
  • Not clarity about the quality and durability of available ACP options, and whether they meet the necessary standards?
  • Not sure about the installation requirements and complexities associated with the chosen ACP?
  • Is the organization provide reliable technical support and guidance throughout the process, from ACP selection to installation?
  • How to get sustainable and eco-friendly ACP and how to identify suitable choices?

If your answer is a resounding YES, and if you're tempted to start Googling, hold on!
The answers you seek can't be found there. The only guide that will truly help you is...

Happy ACP Buying Guide

Written by India’s Leading Exterior Cladding Expert – Mohit Mittal

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The ACP industry is experiencing rapid growth driven by demand for lightweight, durable, and aesthetically appealing cladding solutions. Technological advancements, safety regulations, and sustainability considerations are shaping its future trajectory.

Traders prioritizing cheap products over maintaining quality standards undermines the significance of the aluminum composite panel (ACP) business.

This comprehensive guide is your key to obtaining all the essential information necessary to transform dreams into reality. Whether it's a first-time home, an entrepreneurial venture, or a bustling workplace, it provides the insights you need for success..

Praise from Satisfied Readers

This book has completely transformed my perspective on ACP.

I used to believe that ACP had limited potential for creating stunning interiors, but after reading this book, I now realize its incredible ability to bring forth truly remarkable interior designs.

Parag Jain

- Raj Khanna

Principal Architect, Delhi

I am incredibly grateful for the guidance I received on ACP for my home cladding.

This book provided me with invaluable insights and helped me make an informed decision. My home's exterior now looks stunning, all thanks Happy ACP Buying Guide.

Parag Jain

- Rajesh Gupta

House Owner, Delhi

In the past, I used to consider only one or two factors when selecting ACP.

However, this book has opened my eyes. With fantastic examples, it empowers consumers to make informed decisions and choose the perfect product for their exterior claddings.

Parag Jain

- Anurag Shroff

Swastik Aluminium, Orrissa

Unveiling the Treasures Within...

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  • Why Aluminium is the Best Choice for Your Exteriors.
    - Page 17
  • The myth of Branded ACP being expensive.
    - Page 25
  • The Next level is Premium Surfaces for Exteriors.
    - Page 38

Not only that, but this invaluable treasure trove offers exclusive insights spanning over 50+ pages.

Meet the Author
- Mohit Mittal

India’s Leading Exterior Cladding Expert & Director of CityBond

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mohit ventured into the ACP industry and eventually established his own production.

With over 8 years of experience, Mohit conducted in-depth research, traveling to 17 cities within a month, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire ACP industry.

Each chapter of the book is self-contained, allowing you to easily navigate and access specific information based on your ACP needs.

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